Thomas Lackner 
works and lives in Berlin

A conceptual artist, with emotive execution

Born in the Austrian Alps and currently working and living in highly frequented Berlin. Growing up in the alpine region, in close contact with nature and now in the middle of the fast growing metropolis. In his early years, Thomas started playing piano and drums, founded his band, which still exists today, and with which he expressed himself for the first few years. Along the way, he worked as a technical draughtsman, learning his craftsmanship and sense for materials. Throughout his career, Thomas was always looking for the meaning behind his work, the conceptual aspect. In 2022, Thomas released his first solo work "Enough", which was a door opener to himself.

The nature from his youth, the materials from the technical beginnings of his twenties and the diverse field research through Berlin shape Radio Thomas. A conceptual channel through which he communicates his thoughts about his social environment. In his studio in Berlin, Thomas works with the media necessary to present the subject in the best possible way. Mostly, however, he moves between painting and sound, combining these two media. 

Humanities - Culture and Technology/Art-History
TU Berlin 2021-2024 

Solo Show 'Society' - Studio 16 Berlin (Kolonie Wedding)
Videoscreening collective NIHILS - Technisches Museum Vienna
Solo show 'Enough' - 20square7 Gallery Berlin
Solo show collective NIHILS - Lage Egal Gallery Berlin
Radio Thomas

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