modern pop song - not published (2023)


modern pop song - not published (2023)

The modern popsong (2023) - a recycling product from digital noise we are all surrounded by

Recording: 30th January 2023 09:00-13:00hrs

Producing: March 2023

Publishing: TBA

Surrounded by an immeasurable amount of auditive stimulations.

Push notifications, mail inboxes, voice messages.

Higher frequence, faster data transfer.

Everything works supposedly easier, always and everywhere accessible, less thinking, a lot runs automatically.


But can we still focus?

Or is it an overabundance of information that we can't process at all?

The noise is pelting us.

Are we in danger of overusing our human senses?

This question led me to the idea of make a song out of it. To recycle the 'waste' for a piece of music.

I audio-recorded 4 hours of one of my office days and produced a song from it.

A hymn for all of us tech-consumers.  All sounds for it are taken entirely from incoming sources from the devices on my desk.

"judge my exist(ence)" - "all the layers"

Two phrases that were not recorded, but crystallised from transients and pitch bends, make for an exciting message.

Consider, then.

How do we judge existence and what layers a modern life can have.

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